evolve beyond alcohol
What if I told you that there was a way to get the same "relief" that alcohol can provide, without any of the downsides? 

Would you do it?

Well, there IS a way. It's done via fitness and physical activity.

It's time to set that drink down, and become the man you are meant to be. I'm helping 100 men set the alcohol aside for 90 days, and explore a better life without it.

· entire 90 day workout program, tailored to your specific goals
· custom nutrition profile based on your body type and goals
· 1 on 1 support and accountability throughout your journey



My name is Ronald V. When I was age 19, I started drinking alcohol. At first it started with only a few drinks per week, but pretty quickly it became the biggest hardship I would ever have to fight through in my entire life. From ages 19-23 I would go on to battle through a life of binge-drinking multiple times per week and absolutely destroying everything in my path in the process. 

Any opportunities that I thought I had to live a successful life and reach my goals were pulled right from underneath me. Not only did I lose everything financially, but I lost EVERYONE in my life as well. That hurt the most. At the age of 22, I hit rock bottom. My hopes of becoming a successful person were totally crushed and nonexistent. The only thing that was still remaining in my life was cheap vodka, and massive guilt + shame.

On top of that. all of the booze and junk food I would eat whilst hungover had gotten to me, and quite frankly, I became a total fat-assI hated the way I looked, which only added to the negativity within my mind. It destroyed my confidence, and sent me into a mindset of despair.

The pain of not living up to my potential haunted me on a daily basis. I was angry at myself for letting this happen. My intentions were to always live a successful and healthy life, yet there I was with $3 in my bank account, completely unhealthy and sick both mentally and physically. At this point, I knew changes simply had to be made, and I started seriously working on myself. 

For me, that included going to the gym, losing all of the fat I gained and getting my body right.

What I discovered within a few weeks into rekindling my fitness journey was that the way I was feeling on a daily basis was the best I'd ever felt in my entire life. From then on, I'd go on to utilize the gym as a positive coping mechanism whenever I'd feel the desire to have a drink or felt unhappy with my life. Hard workouts and healthy eating totally removed any negative thoughts from my mind, and replaced them with positive thoughts and optimism.

Now, I utilize the gym on a daily basis. I'm healthier than I've ever been, and I feel good ALL OF THE TIME. I know that there are many people out there that currently are experiencing similar struggles that I had, and that's why I've taken it into my own 2 hands to create this program and guide people out of it. 

I'm going to help you do exactly what I did. Together, we are going to pour that drink down the drain and we are going to pour into your mental and physical health over the next 90 days. Trust me, if you follow my directions, your life will be better than it ever has been. Look at the testimonials from people who have already been through this program and you'll see exactly what I mean.

At this point, you might be asking yourself: How could this benefit me? 
Well, I'll tell you exactly how it will.
First off, I have literally been in your shoes. I know what it is like to live the life you are living now, and I simply hate to see ANYBODY living that way.

When you sign up for this program, you are signing up to be coached by me directly. This isn't just some cookie cutter fitness program like P90x. 

You are buying my time and energy, and throughout the duration of the program:


Could you do it alone? Maybe.
Would you hold yourself accountable 100% of the time? Maybe not.

That's the difference here. There is simply no slacking off on my program. You are making a monetary commitment to yourself by paying me to do this for you. If I see you slacking, I'm going to say something. I can see everything you do, from every rep in the gym, all the way down to every single calorie you eat.




Spots are filling up...
I would if I could. 100 people is still a lot of people to pay attention to, but it's the maximum I can handle at any given time.

This ensures that the people who are serious about taking advantage of this opportunity get the attention they need to succeed.

If you're seeing this page right now, there's still an opportunity available to hop in the program and hire me as your personal trainer.

When all of the slots are filled, this page will be removed from public visibility.

Act now via this button and let's get you on the right path.



"When I first signed up to the program I was in desperate need for a change. With Ronald's help I was able to find something that fulfilled me and made me never want to touch a drink again. That thing was the gym, and I am forever grateful that I made this decision. Thank you."

"I came across this program with little money, bad health, and a sh**ty life. Alcohol was straight up ruining me. I'm forever indebted to Ronald for helping me change my life in such a positive way. Since going through the program my confidence has grown tremendously. So much so that I now have a girlfriend who is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life, and got myself a job earning 6 figures. Going from an alcoholic to an athlete was easily the best decision I have ever made and changed the trajectory of my life forever."

"When I started the Alcohol to Athlete program I hadn't been to the gym in almost 15 years. It was difficult at first, but within a few weeks my body got used to it and I started feeling absolutely amazing. Not only has my health increased but my relationship with my family is better than ever. My kids finally have the Dad they deserve. I'm never going back."

"I never knew that my problem could be solved by taking a health-focused approach. Getting my health right with Ronald has been an amazing experience."

"Ronald's guidance has been absolutely life changing for me. I felt like I was stuck in a rut for years on end. I didn't realize how much alcohol was holding me back until things started to get better. It's been about 6 months since I've been on the program and I've been able to get off of multiple prescription medications, as well as get a substantial raise at work. Those are just the bonuses of shifting my focus towards my health.

"It's simple. If you want to stop drinking, sign up for this program. Your life will be better than it ever was. That's a guarantee."

"Where do I even start?! You've helped me out so much man. Just the conversations we have had over my time in the program helped me shift my mindset in a really positive way. It wasn't just about the workouts and the diet. You helped me become a better person. I don't know how I can repay you for that."

"There definitely aren't many programs like this out there that force you out of your comfort zone and into a better life. I'm happy that I signed up and got the help I needed out of it. Anyone who sticks to the plan Ronald lays out will be happy that they did so."

"The amount of money that I paid to do this versus the results that I gained is insane. At first I thought it was expensive but after getting in I was totally surprised at the amount of value I was getting. I'm proud to say that I followed the directions he laid out for me and definitely got the results that I intended to get. It was so good that I'm even going to sign up again when it opens back up!

"I really can't thank you enough. My life is totally different from when we first met. I have more love in my life than I've ever had, have more money than I've ever had, and am more healthier than I've ever been. All thanks to the work we did together in those 3 months."